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" Best Ideas That Work "
(Proven Track Record of Projects)
Since 1976

Contact Us:
(603) 224-3805 (Cell & Text)

All I need is some idea as to what you want to accomplish
and I will make it happen

Mike's resume

Mike's Resume
The Tom Brady of computer offerings:
Our Chief Consultant, Michael R Royce,
has over 45 years of creative problem solving
experience that you will not receive from anyone else !!!

We don't just complete projects,
we create solutions to business problems
that you did not know you had
until you find how much easier things can be !!!

With Rolls-Royce Values:
"Strive for perfection in everything.
Take the best that exists and make it better.
If it does not exist, create it.
Accept nothing nearly right or good enough."

The Toyota Way:
"The right process produces the right results.
Striving to constantly improve by working
to solve problems as they are encountered."

Albert Einstein:
"It's not that I'm so smart;
it's just that I stay with problems until solved."

Albert Einstein:
"Everybody is a genius;
If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

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Special Service Offered:

Cobol to Windows Conversion

House For Sale - Concord, NH

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Computer Contractor Services
  • Computer & Business System Problem Solver
    I have never found a problem that could not be solved.
    A Few Examples

  • Training
    I have taught many computer courses at NH Technical Institute in Concord, NH.

    (One of my students was an instructor at Manchester Tech.
    He was always the first to arrive & last to leave.
    When the class was over, I asked him, instructor-to-instructor, what he thought of our class?
    He told me that it was the BEST and took many of my teaching techniques to his classroom.)

  • Installation
    Over the years I have installed most everything including a Unisys Mainframe in my basement.

    (PLEASE - Call someone else to install your mainframe.)

  • Programming
    I have over 25 years experience with various experience of
    Cobol and other languages as needed for projects.
    Work History

    I encourage all important financial applications be converted
    to Windows / Client Server as described here .

  • Administration
    The best position I have had was running a data center for 10 years.

    What made that position best was the fact that I had total responsibility
    of meeting computer user needs at all levels.

    I did this so well that the Unisys Corporation sent teams of technical
    staff, from throughout New England, to my data center to understand
    what I was doing that was so much better.
    Work History

    (One team manager took me aside and told me that nobody was utilizing
    computer resources and producing results like I was - Over the years,
    I have completed many projects for very large companies but none even
    close to truly meeting user & company needs - That is too bad.)

  • Data Conversion
    I have completed many data conversions of every type you can think of.
    Work History

  • Web Page Design
    Since 1996, I have been developing Web pages & giving advice on how to
    pick the proper ISP for the project. I prefer to produce a simple
    informative Web page that is easy to navigate.

    Sample Web site:

    Concord High School - Class of 1962

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    Contact Us:
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    Concord, NH

    (603) 224-3805

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