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I am most interested in converting the many hundreds of thousands
of mainframe / MS-DOS COBOL applications to Windows.

More details here

Also, I would like challenging and interesting positions
where I am allowed to use my extensive magical skills &
experience to solve computer application problems.

- Offers over 25 years experience
- Development of productive applications such as:
Capacity Planning
Data Conversion
Utility Billing
- Installation of hardware and software
- Database Design
- Training

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A Brief Summary of Why You Need Me

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I am most interested in converting the many hundreds of thousands of mainframe & PC-DOS COBOL applications to Windows.

I offer a distinctive blend of vision, creative computer skills and commitment with a collaborative style of leadership that gets quick results that everyone can use.

Try to envision how a few of my project solutions would help your organization:

Example (1):
A quote from a Micro Focus COBOL newsletter:

"With project failure rates considered the "worst in decades",
the challenges of distributed teams, numerous automation tools,
and multiple methodologies, mean today's software development
teams are inherently burdened with a tremendous amount of
complexity. Yet despite increasing failure rates, teams continue
to ignore the true reason for these failures - requirements definition."

I read this stuff all of the time.

My projects do not fail because I take all steps necessary to achieve expected results.

Example (2):
The position I liked best & most responsible:

With only 3 years of computer development experience
(and NO Unisys experience
- this would be unheard of in the consulting business of today -
too bad because clients lose a lot of good people)
, the best position I have had with my career was
10 years as IT Director / Systems Analyst / Programmer
for the Concord School District.

I liked that position best because I created the Unisys mainframe
computer system 6-months after CSD purchased their computer.

I added applications (payroll, budgets, account receivable / payable,
personnel, student records / scheduling, health records,
food services, attendance, report cards, guidance analysis, utility usage
(electricity, fuel oil & gas), etc.) purchased from Unisys
and extensively altered or custom built to meet the ever
changing user needs.

I designed & installed equipment to network the computer
system that tied all 12 schools together with the business office.
This was my most productive work environment because I was free
to do everything that was necessary to solve computer-related problems.

It seems I did this so well that Unisys technical staff, from
throughout New England, visited the school district's data
center to understand what I was doing that was so much better.

(One team manager told me that nobody was utilizing computer
resources and producing results like I was.

At the time, I didn't think much about this comment
but over the years I have learned he was correct

- not very many computer systems work well -

most IT departments & software vendors are not responsive to user needs).

Example (3):
Most challenging project completed:

I rewrote the Unisys financial package that did not work at all.
This is a very long story but the net result is that
the school district had a full functional financial system
and Unisys paid the school district $10,000 for my batch
program changes that they could not fix themselves.

Unisys did not want my new on-line program
(workhorse of the system - their's didn't work at all)
because they thought it was too complicated.

My on-line program was 50% smaller and accomplished more.

Over time, I rebuilt the payroll & financial systems,
taking the best features of each totally unrelated
application and making them work seamlessly together.

Example (4):
Very good working with clients:

At the Bank of Boston (now Bank of America), the payroll systems
manager told me I was the only consultant that gave him what he wanted.
(Again, I provide service, I get things done correctly)

Example (5):
Creative computer processing:

On a Y2K project, one phase was to merge on-going development
from other departments with source code that was Y2Ked.

With my process, I could merge 125 programs per day.

Other contractors would merge 5 programs per day.

I offered to share my process with other Y2K contractors
but they were not interested (nor did the company care).

Example (6):
Flexible creative computer projects:

The past few years, I have donated consulting days to our Public TV Auction, Channel 11, Durham, NH

(1 day per auction day - 87 consulting days in 9 years)

These consulting days are very diverse
- that is, I needed to be very creative instantly.

With my extensive experience, I have many supporting stories.

Just ask, chances are I have already solved your typical kinds of problems elsewhere.

I have many success stories.

A small investment in my service will save your company many times over.

Just E-mail me a general description of your problems to start me thinking.

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