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Helpful Hint:
Depending on your Windows & anti virus version,
you may get screens saying something like

"Suspicious file blocked, etc."

Follow your prompts to allow the download & install.

COBOL to Windows Conversion
Download sample program

COBOL to Windows
Conversion Program System

(1) Download to any drive or folder (such as C:\temp) on your PC.

(2) To install this sample application, click "SetupSampleAutoMenu.exe"

(3) To run this sample application, click "AutoMenu.exe"
(A shortcut will be on your desktop)

(4) To "uninstall", Add/Remove Programs on Control Panel.
(This program will be called "Sample4020110101 2011")

What to expect

(a) This Micro Focus (MicroFocus) NetExpress 4.0 COBOL application
with Flexus SP2 User Interface Development System
was developed and donated to nonprofit
(Boy Scouts, Rotary, Kawanis, Lions, etc.)
organizations to help them calculate ballots for each auto show class.

I also donate data conversions to load any data
an organization may have to help them get started.

I offer this sample application to give you some idea
of how your COBOL application could "look & feel".

(b) Please add / update / delete data,
click around other screens, print reports.

Pressing the "URL" buttons on some screens
will bring up your default Web browser.

Likewise, pressing the "E-mail" buttons on some screens,
will bring up your default E-mail client.

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